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Local Restaurants & Take Away Outlets
Springs Mall
B@Home is situated 5.5km from the newly built SPRINGS MALL

With 170 carefully selected shops, great service, convenience and enjoyment at the forefront of every visit. Springs Mall offers something for everyone with a generous line-up of top-quality retailers anchored by Woolworths, Checkers, Pick n Pay and Edgars and complemented with a range of fashion, footwear, sportswear, banking, health and beauty and leisure options.

 Set across two stunning shopping levels with natural light throughout, the centre offers a brilliant selection of restaurants, (Cappuccinos, Spur, Wimpy, John Dory’s; coffee shops such as Mugg & Bean and fast food outlets including Pizza Hut, MacDonald’s, Fishaways, Debonair, Steers and Milky Lane. The Springs Mall also offer leisure options such as Planet Fitness Just Gym.

Parking is simple and convenient with free open-air secure parking on two levels and easy access to each of the mall’s four entrances.

And it’s free! With excellent access just off the N17 highway and situated on the corner of Wit and Jan Smuts Roads in Casseldale, Springs Mall brings together top quality, best value shopping with ultimate convenience right on our doorstep

Springs Country Club: 5 KM



Cnr Parkes and Nigel Rd, Selection Park, Springs 1559, Johannesburg

Telephone: (+27 11) 812 1567

Pro: (+27 11) 362 5031

Fax: (+27 11) 362 5031

Holes: 18

Length: 6352 m

Par/SAGA 71/70

Visitors Welcome everyday
Metal/soft spikes
Green Fees

Course Designer Designed in 1937


Nigel Golf Course: 9 KM

There is a golf course nearby Nigel where you can enjoy 18 holes or just hit some practice balls.

Nigel Dam 10 KM for Exclusive Bass Angling

• Exclusive Bass Angling is a private bass fishing venue situated just outside Nigel, Gauteng. The dam offers excellent fishing for any bass enthusiast, with a variety of structure including reeds, grass, small islands with deep drop-offs. Bass ranging from 600g to 5.6kg have been caught, the average weight of fish caught ranges from 1kg to 2.8kg

• The venue is a disused quarry that has been transformed into a bass fishing paradise. While the full history of the venue is not known, bass have been in the dam since 1978.

• The dam is very deep at some places and while not large, approximately 1 km long and between 100 and 200m in width, it's an ideal venue for float tube anglers. Boats are permitted however they are restricted to idle speed only. The venue is ideal for families


Marievale Bird Sanctuary 14 KM


• B@Home is 14kms from the Marievale bird sanctuary, explaining the wide variety of bird species visiting the garden

• Marievale Bird Sanctuary is situated in the southern half of the Blesbokspruit RAMSAR site, an area that is also a designated Important Bird Area (IBA SA021) in South Africa.

• The Blesbokspruit is a major perennial river in Gauteng which is flanked by extensive floodplains on either side. The sanctuary is about 10 km2 in size and comprises numerous, large, shallow water bodies dominated by tall, sometimes dense stands of emergent vegetation consisting mainly of Phragmites, Typha and Juncus reeds.

Small patches of grassland are found on the eastern margin of the sanctuary. It is controlled and managed by the Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment.

• Ecology The floodplains and flow of the river have been seriously affected by the building of embankments, roads, railways, pipe lines and power lines across the low-lying areas of the Blesbokspruit, mainly due to the advent of gold-mining in the 1940s.

This change impeded the natural flow and created large, open, shallow stretches of water. Nowadays, excess water is pumped into the system from nearby mines, sewage treatment plants and industries, and together with the impeded drainage, has created a vast system of 'dams', vastly different to the palustrine wetland it once was.

Nevertheless, this has enabled water birds, and in particular, waterfowl, to fully exploit the area as a prime breeding and feeding locality.

• In recent years, problems with reed growth and encroachment have arisen at the sanctuary, reducing the amount of open-water and shoreline habitat for many ducks and wading birds - overall numbers of water birds were significantly lower during this period.

To alleviate this problem, Stan Madden and the Friends of Marievale (WESSA) initiated a large-scale reed-spraying programme in the summer of 1998/99. Results showed that areas, once choked with dense stands of reeds, opened up, creating large open-areas of shallow water and exposing greater shoreline.

Drainage improved and water bird numbers subsequently increased with many ducks, moorhen, egrets and waders returning to utilise these new areas.

• Coordinated Water bird Counts (CWAC): Marievale was first counted in January 1993. Counts have since been conducted on a regular, six monthly bases by teams of observers made up from members of the Wits Bird Club, East Rand Bird Club and Springs/Nigel branch of the Wildlife & Environment Society of South Africa.

• Water bird highlights: CWAC data shows that the sanctuary supports up to 65 different water bird species and 3500 individuals, particularly during summer when there is an influx of migrants.


It is one of the few places in Gauteng to see Goliath Heron, Great White Heron, Black Egret, Fulvous Duck and South African Shelduck. When conditions are good it supports large numbers of Reed Cormorant, Yellow billed Duck, African Spoonbill and Ethiopian Snipe.

Marievale also provides good habitat for many summer vagrants including European Marsh Harrier, Slaty Egret, Baird's Sandpiper, Pectoral Sandpiper, Buff-breasted Sandpiper and Yellow Wagtail.

The area is also a good locality for birds such as African Rail, BlackCrane, Purple Gallinule and Moorhen are all commonly seen at the sanctuary, with Redchested Flufftail being recorded less frequently.

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